RRSP Plans

Taking care of the people who take care of your business is important! People are looking at more than just wages and vacation time when considering their career opportunities.

Offering Group RRSPs can help a business of any size attract and keep the most talented people in the workforce. Group plans offer immediate and effective savings and follow a pay schedule to maximize the long term growth of an individual’s RRSP, which in turn contributes to your employees’ peace of mind and security.

LCU Financial can help your business with the administrative details of Group RRSPs and walk you through all the options available. Some companies may choose to match their employee’s RRSP contributions, while others may simply want to offer the convenience of automatic deductions from their payroll, either way there are tax benefits and great investment options available.

Whether you’re a mom and pop operation or have a long list of staff on your payroll, one of our certified LCU Financial associates can help.


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