Annual General Meeting

We think owners should get special treatment.

Thank you to all our members who attended our 2018 Annual General Meeting on
Thursday, March 8th at the Centennial Centre in Bonnyville! We recapped 2017 in our
business meeting as well as had an exciting Director election which saw 6 candidates
vying for 4 spots — 2 for the Bonnyville region and 2 for the Cold Lake region.

We would like to congratulate Directors Judy Cabay and Wayne Warner on their re–elections and welcome our newly elected Directors Michael Trabysh and Paulette Fersovitch.

A special thank you goes out to Mario Bouvier, General Manager at Lakeland Co-op for sharing with a crowd of 190 people how they were provided financial opportunity, choice and life long value by Lakeland Credit Union.

The Annual General Meeting at your locally owned credit union is an event
where you can participate in democratic action. Join us next year!

At Lakeland Credit Union's Annual General Meeting (AGM) members get the facts on how the credit union is performing and what's on the roadmap ahead. Members hear directly from the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer and are able to ask them questions about everything that matters to them. 

Other things happening at the AGM:

-  Bylaw proposals
-  Election announcements

If you are a member and would like to request a copy of the Annual Report or the Full Financial Statements for Lakeland Credit Union Ltd. for the fiscal year ending October 31, 2017, please contact Wendy Morrison at



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