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Our FUNDamentals - Financial Literacy Facilitators

We all know someone (or maybe we are that someone) who has struggled with credit card debt, payday loans, saving for retirement, and other financial topics. The ability to make informed financial decisions is essential for basic functioning in Canadian society. Yet, only 7.1% of Canadian adults consider themselves "very knowledgeable" financially.

Lakeland Credit Union seeks to reduce the knowledge gap through our FUNDamentals program, which delivers financial literacy lessons in plain language to diverse audiences. Sessions are always free and open to members and non-members.

Interested in bringing financial literacy lessons to your school, workplace, or organization?

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FUNDamentals Include:

Each One Teach One

The Each One Teach One financial literacy series was developed by experts at Vancity Credit Union for distribution across Canadian credit unions. It includes 17 topics suited to audiences aged 15 and older. Each topic can be delivered to audiences of 5 – 30 people in 60-90 minutes. Includes audience interaction, handouts, and Powerpoint presentation.

Our Each One Teach One topics are:

  • Introduction to Basic Banking
  • Introduction to Basic Budgeting
  • Why Filing Taxes in Canada is a Good Idea
  • Credit Cards and Prepaid Cards
  • Loans You Don't Want
  • Loans: Costs and Obligations
  • Debt Smarts
  • Building a Healthy Credit History
  • Identity Theft and Fraud Prevention
  • RRSPs and TFSAs
  • Introduction to RESPs
  • Understanding Contracts
  • Seniors Financial Abuse Prevention
  • Home Readiness A: Renting vs. Owning
  • Home Readiness B: Cost of Ownership
  • Home Readiness C: Finding the Right Home
  • Home Readiness D: Professional Help


The Moonjar financial literacy session starts the money conversation with grade 5-6 kids. This 2 hour lesson can be delivered all at once or in two 1-hour time slots. Each participant receives a 3 part piggy bank with a sections for saving, sharing, and spending.

Click here to see a student testimonial of the Moonjar program.


We develop custom sessions to address local or current financial topics and concerns. We’ve hosted sessions on retirement planning, home buying, and small business development. If your group has a financial topic of special interest, ask us and we may be able to develop and deliver a personalized lesson.



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