April 2013

Humane Society and SPCA

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3 – 5 – 7 – 9 Warm and Fuzzy Cats and Canines

April 2013 –Since last donating to Curtis Hargrove’s Run Across Canada in the fall, staff at Lakeland Credit Union  have raised more than $4,000 for the Lakeland Humane Society and Bonnyville and District SPCA through their casual Friday ‘Care Wear’ program.

Every week, more than 80 employees at the credit union each donate $2 to raise funds for local causes. The staff in each branch then vote every six months for a charity in the community they feel could use the funds.

April’s donation gave $974 to the Lakeland Humane Society in Cold Lakeand $3,037 to the Bonnyville and District SPCA.  “The Care Wear program began in 2006 as an easy way for staff to steer community investment initiatives. When the time comes for voting our staff response rate is overwhelming, it’s inspiring to see how much they truly care about the causes in their community.” Said Lacey Chyz, Communications Coordinator.

To date the staff have donated $44,452 to many causes in Lakeland.


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