Volunteer Programs

Lakeland Credit Union is committed to supporting and encouraging our staff in their volunteer efforts. As an organization, we have set an annual staff volunteer hour goal, and our bonus is partially dependent on meeting this goal.

Staff have developed the Possibilities Project as a way to track and encourage volunteering. The program dictates that a portion of the donation budget will be put aside exclusively for staff volunteer grants, meaning that if an employee has invested at least 40 hours of volunteer time into an organization, that staff member can apply for a $500 volunteer grant to go towards their volunteer organization.

The program also ensures staff are rewarded for their volunteer efforts through recognition items that increase in value as volunteer hours also increase. After 100 hours of volunteer time, staff members are eligible to receive the Community Spirit Award, which grants 1 extra week of paid vacation. The idea here is that staff who contribute time will be rewarded with time! Previous winners have each donated over 400 hours of their time to charitable causes.

Check out our Volunteer Infographic!


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