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JUN 14


Improvements to the authentication procedures have been recently made for online banking which should make your login experience more efficient while maintaining a high level of security.

If you have any concerns regarding these changes, please contact your local branch.

JUN 30

Money Myth #121

This investment is a great pick because it did well last year

-- FALSE --

This year’s top-performing funds or stocks aren’t necessarily going to be next year’s best performers. It’s not uncommon for a fund to have a better-than-average performance one year and mediocre or below-average performance the following year. Contact us to find the best investing options for your future!

JUN 30

Money Myth #156

A savings account is the best place for long term savings

-- FALSE --

With a savings account, you don’t risk losing the money you’ve invested. However, with today’s super low interest rates, a no-risk investment is potentially the most risky investment of all. Today you must not only preserve capital, but must grow it as well to preserve purchasing power. Contact us to find out more about how this could benefit you!

JUN 30

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Profit Sharing

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