Critical Illness Insurance

Recovery Costs Money

Thanks to improvements in healthy living and medical science, there is a very good chance you would recover from a critical illness and get on with your life. But while you are undergoing treatment and recovery, who would take care of you? How would you pay your bills? These are tough questions.

Treating and coping with illness can mean significant and often unexpected costs and potential disruption to your income and lifestyle.  Critical illness insurance provides a lump sum payment if you’re diagnosed with, and survive the waiting period, for one of many covered conditions. That can mean the freedom to choose and pay for the type of treatment you want … and protection of your family’s way of life.

Your benefit could allow you to:

  • Avoid withdrawing money from an RRSP or other savings or investments
  • Pay down debts such as your mortgage or loans
  • Choose medicine and treatments not covered by group, personal or government plans
  • Replace lost income so you have choices – for instance, your partner can take time off work to help you
  • Maintain your business by hiring a person to run it until you return to work

For more information contact one of our certified LCU Financial associates.


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