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Credential Direct has a new modern look and intuitive interface!

Here are a few things to be aware of before you visit the new site:

They have switched to an email login.
If you are still using your CDW number to login, you'll be asked to register a preferred email address.

Take an optional 30-second tour.
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What are the benefits of an Online Trading Account?

You’re in Control

You can take control of your investments, save money and gain the flexibility to trade wherever you have access to the web. Whether you manage all or a portion of your portfolio, trading online puts you in the driver’s seat. And, with up-to-the-minute research and powerful trading tools, spotting opportunities and making informed investment decisions has never been easier.

You Will Save on Fees

Taking a do-it-yourself approach to your investment portfolio means significant cost advantages over traditional brokerages because you don’t pay for advice or servicing of your account. And with trade commissions of $8.88, you’re sure to save big.

It’s Fast & Flexible

Online trading gives you 24/7 access to your account so you can move money, open a new account or check on your investments quickly – anytime, anywhere.

Credential Direct (Online Stock Website)

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FAQs about Credential Online

To learn more about investments options that Lakeland Credit Union provides access to check out our Investment Services.

For more information contact one of our certified LCU Financial associates.

On-line brokerage is offered through Credential Direct, a division of Credential Securities Inc., operating as a separate business unit. Credential Securities Inc. is a Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. ®Credential Direct is a registered mark owned by Credential Financial Inc. and is used under licence.

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