Credential Online FAQs

What is Credential Online? Expand/Collapse

Credential Online is an investor portal for viewing CAM investments. It includes account holdings, transaction history, and the option to sign up for eStatement delivery.

Is Credential Online replacing InvestorWeb? Expand/Collapse

Yes. The InvestorWeb portal becomes inactive on November 1, 2012. As of this date, all users will be automatically redirected to Credential Online.

Are investors required to register for Credential Online if they are currently using InvestorWeb? Expand/Collapse

No. Existing users of InvestorWeb can log into Credential Online with the same client ID and password.

Where do investors sign up? The URL address for Credential Online is: Expand/Collapse

If a client wishes to revert back to paper statements after signing up for e-delivery, how is this is done ? Expand/Collapse

Clients can revert back to receiving paper statements by logging in to Credential Online and going to My Profile >Preferences and selecting the unenroll option. Check off the eStatement box in the Client Details section of that client in Univeris to revert back to receiving paper statements.

When a client signs up for Credential Online, can they still receive paper statements in the mail? Expand/Collapse

Signing up for Credential Online is an online investor portal. Investors must sign up for CAM eStatements in the My Profile>Preferences section for electronic delivery of statements. Otherwise, they will continue to receive paper statements in the mail.

Note: Investors cannot receive both statement electronic delivery and paper statements in the mail.

Why is there a checkbox called eStatement in the Client Details section in Univeris? Expand/Collapse

This function allows advisors to help clients revert back to receiving paper statements after the client has already signed up for CAM eStatements.

Note: Checking the box will not enroll the client for eStatements.

Why do clients continue to receive statements in the mail even though they have signed up for CAM eStatements? Expand/Collapse

There are three possible reasons on why this happening:
  1. Your client has multiple Client IDs. Users must register for each Client ID separately.
  2. If your client did not complete the email verification during the registration process, they will continue to receive a statement in the mail. As a reminder, the email verification step must be completed to be enrolled for eStatements. Tip: Check the e-Delivery Enrollment report to identify clients that have successfully registered and those who are still pending the email verification step.
  3. eStatements applies only to quarterly statements sent by Credential. Any other statements or notifications coming from Credential or mutual fund companies — such as tax slips, transaction confirmations and statements — will continue to be mailed out.

Can tax slips also be delivered electronically? Expand/Collapse

No. At this time, tax slips will continue to be delivered by mail, but we are looking into integrating this feature into Credential Online in the future.
Mutual funds and financial planning are offered through Credential Asset Management Inc. ®Credential is a registered marks owned by Aviso Wealth Inc. and used under licence.

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