What Makes Us Great

What makes us great

Our Why

We provide financial opportunity, choice and life long value.

Our How

We partner with our members and our communities to enrich their lives through trusted advice and exceptional service.

Our What

Collaborative: We are all stronger and more successful when we work together.

Accountable: We honor the trust of our members and our communities by acting with integrity, respect and transparency.

Pro-active: We actively provide empowering, practical and prudent guidance to help our members build financial security.

Excellence: We strive to create a world class experience through our business practices as trusted advisors.

Community: We drive positive change for our members, partners and community groups.

Our Goal

We will be the most respected financial institution where: new members seek to join; meaningful careers are nurtured; partners pursue collaboration & our collective community succeeds.

The Ownership Advantage

Common Shares – Building Equity in Your Credit Union

As a member of Lakeland Credit Union, you participate in the equity program by simply purchasing common shares, which entitle you to use our services and grant you voting privileges.  Common shares make you an owner of Lakeland Credit Union, along with the other members. This gives you the opportunity to share in the accumulated reserves and prosperity.

Credit unions are required by law to maintain a reserve fund.  Common shares help make up that fund and ensure we have a strong and stable base from which to operate.

Common share funds are owned by our individual members, who also receive an annual report. The Board of Directors retains control of the common share funds and determines the dividend and account bonuses to be paid after each financial year-end.

Common share funds are guaranteed by Lakeland Credit Union to the extent of our own reserves.  They are not guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation.

Total Deposit Protection

The Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation guarantees repayment of all deposits with Alberta credit unions, including accrued interest.  The Credit Union Act also specifies that the Government of Alberta will ensure this obligation of the Corporation is carried out.

Please contact us if you have any questions or want to become a member.


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