Lakeland Credit Union is soliciting competitive bids for snow removal at their branches for the 2019-2020 season. Expand/Collapse

Please submit bids or questions to Jason Cusack via:



In Person: 5016 50 Ave, Bonnyville AB

For additional details or to schedule an on-site inspection, please contact:

Jason Cusack


Deadline for submissions is 5:00pm Oct 23, 2019. A decision will be made and the successful bidder will be contacted by end of day October 25th 2019.

The lowest bid will not necessarily be accepted. Preference will be given to Lakeland Credit Union members but membership is not a requirement. The Lakeland Credit Union reserves the right to reject any, or all, submissions or to withhold the award of this project for any reason it may determine.

You may submit a proposal for one or both branches.

Bonnyville branch (5016 50 Ave)

  • Parking lot and sidewalks to be cleared to surface
  • Sidewalks to be cleared and salted 7 days a week (as needed)
  • Parking lot clearing to be completed by 8am, Monday-Friday
  • Automatic clearing when snow accumulation reaches 1.5 inches
  • Auxiliary parking lot (#5007) to have 2-3 inch layer of compacted snow left throughout the season
  • Snow to be piled on-site and hauled away once “full” truck loads have accumulated
  • On-site inspection recommended (see map below:  yellow = sidewalk    red = parking lot)

Cold Lake branch (5217 50 Ave)

  • Parking lot and sidewalks to be cleared to surface
  • Sidewalks to be cleared and salted 7 days a week (as needed)
  • Parking lot clearing to be completed by 8am, Monday-Friday
  • Automatic clearing when snow accumulation reaches 1.5 inches
  • Snow to be piled on-site and hauled away once “full” truck loads have accumulated
  • On-site inspection recommended (see map below:  yellow = sidewalk    red = parking lot)

New Trinity Account Expand/Collapse

Our new Trinity account was built based on the fundamentals of the Moonjar program, and as the name suggests, it is comprised of three main functions; Spend, Save and Support.


We started by taking one of our most popular accounts - the Electra, which allows for unlimited Member Card purchases, and added a new feature called Round up that helps you save money.


Imagine coming home from shopping with a wallet full of change from each of your purchases. Do you keep lugging it around hoping to spend it or do you put it in a jar and let it build?

When you use your Trinity account Member Card for purchases, the new Round up feature automatically rounds up your transaction to the nearest dollar and transfers that amount to a savings account for you.


Our local community means a lot to us and we hope it means a lot to you. That’s why a percentage of the money you save with Round up will be matched by Lakeland Credit Union and donated each year to charities, programs or initiatives in our local area. The best part is that it isn’t your money that is being donated, it’s ours!

The more you save, the more we support our community!*

*Annual Trinity donation up to a maximum $10,000.

Statement regarding online banking, ATM and Debit Outage Expand/Collapse

On behalf of Lakeland Credit Union, I wanted to take a moment to address the online banking, ATM and Point of Sale outage that you, our members, may have experienced on September 8, 2019.

There was an unexpected power outage that affected debit cards and online account access and impacted a number of Credit Unions in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Our contractors worked diligently throughout the day to bring the system back online as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, those of us who were out and about doing our Sunday groceries or enjoying a meal out with family were greatly impacted, and for that I apologize.

We will continue to find ways to serve you, our members, and strive to give you the best possible member experience. Once again, we sincerely apologize for the frustration and inconvenience you may have experienced.

If you have further question or concerns, please do not hesitate to your local branch in Bonnyville or Cold Lake.

Randy Tate
AVP, Member Experience

**Password Upgrade** Expand/Collapse

Do you have delegates assigned for your small business online banking?

All delegates will automatically become inactive after implementation of Strong Passwords. The account signer must re-activate the delegates and update their passwords.

Here’s how:

Go to the Delegate page in MemberDirect.

  1. Click on the Active dropdown box for each delegate you’d like to activate.
Set a new, temporary 5-8 digit numeric PAC for each delegate.
  1. When the delegate logs in, they will be prompted to change the temporary PAC.
  2. Their new Strong Password must be:
    • 8-30 characters
    • Either all numeric, OR
    • alpha numeric with at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, and one number.

  • If the signer does not activate the delegate, the delegate will see the Force PAC Change page but will not be able to set a new PAC.  The delegate will need to contact their Signer to 'reactivate' them as a Delegate.
  • If you have Consolidated View* enabled, you will not be able to view the account(s) until the account owners have enabled the Strong Password.  
*see up to 3 accounts for which you have signing authority with one login

Do you use QuickView on your mobile app?

If QuickView is enabled on your mobile app, you will not be prompted to change your password, but you will be locked out of your account after 3 app openings. Please fully login in the mobile app to change your PAC.

QuickView is enabled if you can see your account balance upon opening the app and without entering your PAC. To enable/disable QuickView, go to Settings > Account Preferences > and toggle the QuickView option.  

If you become locked out, please reset your PAC on the desktop LCU website, or contact your branch if you are having ongoing difficulty.

Important Notice For Global Payment Cardholders Expand/Collapse

As of May 22, 2019, your Global Payment Card will become inactive. You will not be able to use the card to make purchases or for recurring bill payments.

Please contact the payees to cancel any recurring bill payments. Each recurring bill payment charged to the Global Payment Card after May 22, 2019 will be subject to a $25 fee.

Our advisors are here to take your calls.
Bonnyville: 780-826-3377  Cold Lake: 780-594-4011  email:

Request for Proposal: Temporary Gravel Parking Lot Expand/Collapse

LCU is looking for bids for the construction of a temporary gravel parking lot to be completed by June 30th 2019.

We would like to have your submissions by 5pm May 31, 2019. The successful bidder will be contacted by June 5th, 2019.

Thank you for taking the time to submit your bid and we look forward to working with our local Lakeland and area businesses.

Any questions or concerns please contact Jason Cuasck at 780-826-3377 or

Business & Bacon Expand/Collapse

Wealthing Like Rabbits - Bonnyville Expand/Collapse

Wealthing Like Rabbits - Financial Literacy

Wealthing Like Rabbits - Cold Lake Expand/Collapse

Wealthing Like Rabbits - Cold Lake

Women, Wealth & Wine - Cold Lake Expand/Collapse

Women, Wealth & Wine - Bonnyville Expand/Collapse

Lakeland Credit Union Shares More Than $2.5 Million in Profits With Local Members – Again! Expand/Collapse

JANUARY 2018 – BONNYVILLE & COLD LAKE, AB. – As the holiday frenzy starts to wind down, thousands in the local region are thrilled to receive their share of Lakeland Credit Union’s (LCU) $2.5 million in annual profit sharing distribution. “We’ve given back $39 million in profit sharing to our 10,000 members since 1995. Additionally, through sponsorships and donations, we’ve reinvested another $110,000 in the community in the past year alone,” said LCU Board Chair Charmaine Code. She added that while the locally owned and operated institution has certainly been affected by the economic downturn in the past few years, the credit union is in a strong and stable financial position and poised to support the next wave of growth and activity in the marketplace.

Anyone can become a lifelong member of the credit union when they open a ‘common share’ account with a minimum investment of $25. Based on the amount of business they do, members receive annual profit sharing from the credit union. Code says it would not be unusual for a 5 year member with a mortgage, chequing, and savings account to have $1,500 or more in their common share account. For most members, that full balance is not redeemable all at once but a significant percentage is available in cash each year. “Profit sharing is just one element of many that sets your banking experience with our credit union apart from any experience with a bank. The more business you have with the credit union, the more you share in our success.” explained Code.

Lakeland Credit Union Presents - Spirit of Canada - Block Party! Expand/Collapse

Help us celebrate all things that make this country great!

There will be a Street Hockey Tournament, Canadian Style Photo Booth, Fishin' for Beavers and more!

So put on your plaid and toque and join us Saturday, September 16th in Cold Lake and Sunday, September 17th in Bonnyville.

You can get your registration form (fillable pdf) here.

For more information on our hockey tournaments or send in your registration to

Spirit of Canada - Block Party - Poster

Gov’t forcing credit unions to stop using “bank”, “banking” makes no sense. It’s what we do! Expand/Collapse

Bonnyville, AB (July 17, 2017) – On Friday, June 30, the federal Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) issued an advisory that essentially banned credit unions from using the term “banking” to describe the services they offer Canadians. Their advisory takes a strict interpretation of the Bank Act, and based on this interpretation, the federal government could lay criminal charges against any credit union that uses the term “bank,” “banker,” or “banking”. 

“We are obviously disappointed in this decision. It goes against all elements of common sense, and puts credit unions at a distinct disadvantage,” explains Brian Thorne, CEO at Lakeland Credit Union. “Our credit union has higher deposit protection than banks and offers the same financial services as federally chartered banks. This decision by OSFI makes it extremely difficult for our credit union to compete fairly and without the fear of facing criminal penalty”. Thorne goes on to say, “We will have to remove all reference to the verbs ‘bank and banking’ in our digital communications by end of this year. We don’t believe that asking our members to click ‘online credit union-ing’ makes much sense when everyone knows ‘on-line banking’.”

Credit unions have used the verb “bank” and the term “banking” to describe what they do, without penalty, for years with the unstated support of federal officials.

“OSFI has taken a position that is inconsistent with its past practices and with common sense,” said Martha Durdin, president and CEO, Canadian Credit Union Association. “The Minister has the power to fix this so that Canadians continue to have a real competitive option to the big banks.”

Lakeland Credit Union provides the full complement of financial services that banks do in addition to annual generous profit sharing with its 10,000 local members. Setting aside more than 1.5% of pre-tax profit to reinvest in the Lakeland through community programming, hundreds of thousands of dollars are ear-marked for non-profit associations, community initiatives and financial literacy programs for all ages each year. That might not sound like a bank, but it’s what we do.

Links to related articles:

Better than a bank: Credit unions lead Canadian financial institutions for customer service excellence 12 years in a row

Credit unions ranked first in customer satisfaction, again, by Canada’s small and medium-sized businesses nationally and provincially

Lakeland Credit Union CEO Retirement and Appointment Expand/Collapse

BONNYVILLE, AB (June, 2017) – The Board of Directors for Lakeland Credit Union has announced a change in the organization’s top leadership post.  Pierre Amyotte, who has served as Lakeland’s Chief Executive Officer for the past seven years, is retiring at the end of June.  Amyotte’s successor, Brian Thorne, brings 20 years’ of leadership experience from his previous posts with credit unions in BC and Ontario.

“I’ve been privileged to work with very talented and hard working professionals throughout my career and feel extremely fortunate to have led this team and complete my banking career at Lakeland Credit Union; a credit union with a strong history of growth, member satisfaction and award-worthy financial performance,” said Amyotte, who led Lakeland Credit Union to prominence in the credit union system and local communities. “I will continue to cheer for the ongoing success of Lakeland Credit Union from the sidelines.”

Amyotte, who has enjoyed 38 years of credit union experience, joined LCU in 2010. During this time, he inspired visionary thinking into action and co-created the innovative subsidiary company, InStride Resources Ltd, with two other Alberta credit unions to support the back office functions.  InStride Resources supports the three credit unions through IT and Compliance departments, sharing 13 staff. In addition, Amyotte was instrumental in the shared partnership of CUSO Wealth, a financial planning division across Alberta and BC credit unions as well as the Western Canadian Back Office Collaborative (BOC) relationship. A steadfast credit union ambassador, Amyotte joined the Board of CCUA, a national trade association for credit unions to ensure rural and medium sized credit unions had strong representation at the national level.

Brian Thorne, MBA, will begin his role as Chief Executive Officer effective July 3, 2017. Thorne has over 20 years’ of experience driving growth and leading teams through transformational change. He has held a wide range of senior leadership roles in large credit unions in BC and Ontario and demonstrated ongoing community involvement, through volunteer leadership, executive sponsorship and spokesperson roles with organizations such as Feed the Valley, The Pledge to End Bullying, and Farms to Foodbanks.

Thorne adds "I look forward to partnering with this team of professional and dedicated staff to build on their success of providing an exceptional advice and service experience for every member, every time."

Lakeland Credit Union was founded in 1940 and has become ‘Alberta’s Credit Union of the Year’ six times in 11 years. As Alberta’s fifth largest credit union, LCU has reached $500 million in assets and serves nearly 10,000 members in Bonnyville and Cold Lake. 

Lakeland Credit Union and NewGround Win MACU’S 2017 AIME Award for “Branch Design” Expand/Collapse

CHESTERFIELD, Mo., June 8, 2017–Lakeland Credit Union, a full-service financial organization located in Bonnyville, and NewGround, a design-build firm, announced that Lakeland Credit Union received recognition for the Achievement in Marketing Excellence (AIME) award—from the Marketing Association of Credit Unions (MACU)—for their headquarters and branch in Bonnyville, Alberta.

Together, Lakeland Credit Union and NewGround worked together to design a new headquarters and main branch offices located in Bonnyville, Alberta. Lakeland Credit Union engaged NewGround for a strategic review for expansion of its headquarters and reinterpretation of its branch design. Lakeland Credit Union made the decision to remain at its current location while also purchasing an adjoining property to allow for expansion for future growth. The result was a new 21,600 square foot facility that housed both the headquarters and the main branch. The branch was crafted to engage with the surrounding community and lead Lakeland Credit Union to become the preeminent financial institution in the area. Working hand in hand with the credit union, NewGround created a space that is not only functional, but speaks to the needs of the community.

MACU is an organization that recognizes credit unions from across Canada for their outstanding marketing achievements through the Achievement in Marketing Excellence awards. Lakeland Credit Union’s proudly accepted the AIME award in branch design during the gala dinner celebration at the 2017 Strategic Marketing Conference.

”Both our employees and members are very proud of the community branch space that we had envisioned and brought to life for the benefit of all. It’s a bonus that we have received design recognition for the beautiful and functional space that we enjoy in downtown Bonnyville,” Amber Hughes, VP, Marketing and Human Resources.

“It was a true honor to be recognized by MACU for our work with Lakeland Credit Union as the design-build partner for Lakeland Credit Union’s headquarters and branch located in Bonnyville.
Lakeland Credit Union was a great partner to work with and we were excited to help them to further bring their brand to life,” said Greg Ward, President NewGround Canada.

About NewGround
NewGround, headquartered in St. Louis, and in Canada, Waterloo, Ontario designs and builds custom facilities including retail and corporate environments. For over a century, NewGround
has been helping organizations create innovative facilities that drive revenue growth and performance. For more information, visit NewGround at

Local Business Distributes $2.5 Million to Patrons Expand/Collapse

January 2016 – Bonnyville & Cold Lake, AB. –  As the credit card bills from Christmas start to roll in, many area residents are glad to see their share of  Lakeland Credit Union’s (LCU) $2.5 million in profit sharing distribution. “We’ve given back $36.5 in profit sharing to our 10,000 members since 1995. Additionally, through sponsorships and donations, we’ve reinvested $125,000 in the community this year,” said LCU board chair Charmaine Code. She added that while the locally owned and operated institution has certainly been affected by the economic downturn, it is still in a ‘strong and stable’ position.

LCU members open ‘common share’ accounts when they join the credit union. Based on the amount of business they do, members will see cash back deposited in their common share account. The percentage returned varies by year. Code says it would not be unusual for a 5 year member with a mortgage, chequing, and savings account to have $1,500 in their common share account. For most members, that full balance is not redeemable all at once.  “Last year members could cash in 15% of their common share balance. This year we’ve raised it to 20%. It works out to an average of $250 per member each year. This profit sharing is what sets us apart from the completion. The more business you have with us, the more you share in our success.” explained Code.

LCU and City Partner to Help New Doctors Expand/Collapse

NOVEMBER 2016 - COLD LAKE, AB - Lakeland Credit Union and the City of Cold Lake have partnered to offer specialized loans and financial products to Cold Lake's new doctors.

"Lakeland Credit Union has a long history of supporting healthcare in the Lakeland, from Hearts for Healthcare in Cold Lake, to the Bonnyville Health Foundation, among other initiatives. Both the City and LCU are invested in health and self-reliance in the Lakeland region, and we are very pleased to partner with the City in bringing this upfront offer of support to new physicians," said Ronda Morin, VP, Member Services at Lakeland Credit Union.

The incentive offers a number of financial discounts, products and benefits for the new physicians in the effort to support their settlement in Cold Lake. Significantly, any interest owed on a line of credit product will be paid by the City as per a contract between the City and the Credit Union. After two years, a repayment plan between the physician and the Credit Union will be established.

"For new doctors, and especially doctors new to Canada, it can be a challenge to get the credit they need to make the move to a new community" said Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland. "Council is very pleased to have a community-minded financial institution like Lakeland Credit Union willing to support this initiative."

The program welcomes physicians to the community and gives them the flexibility and freedom to use the funding where they need it, such as rent for clinic space or a house down payment. It is available to physicians who have a contract with AHS and practice in the City of Cold Lake.

Physician recruitment has been a top priority for many local organizations, including city council. Despite an overall increase of physicians in rural Alberta, the number of physicians in Cold Lake has not increased significantly in the last ten years because new arrivals are offset by those who have left.

Are you HappyOrNot? We want to know! Expand/Collapse

BONNYVILLE, AB, November 8, 2016 - Within the first month of introducing a simple, yet fun member feedback tool in each branch, Lakeland Credit Union is proving members are very satisfied with advice and service they receive in-branch. In addition, employee performance is measured with every 'tap' of the HappyOrNot buttons and feedback is shared with the teams on a daily basis.

"Our members LOVE IT!" says Noella Williams, Manager, Member Services. "It has created great conversations in our service teams and with the members. I am very pleased with this feedback tool and the fun it has generated, all while giving us information to optimize our operations."

LCU's branch managers also appreciate how the HappyOrNot kiosks have helped optimize employee performance. "Our Advisors hear about the results from the prior day every morning and this helps them focus on their daily service interactions." says Rama Alluri, AVP, Cold Lake Region. "We always strive to provide the best service but the kiosk makes us really focus on making every interaction great. If there is an upset member we try to turn that around while the member is here. I feel the HappyOrNot kiosks will continue to drive the team towards world class service each and every interaction to ensure our member satisfaction ratings remain high."

"This is one more outlet for our member-owners to share their experience with us and to know that we value their opinions and strive for the best advice and service in the Lakeland." Ronda Morin, VP, Member Services. In our last mailed survey, our members rated their satisfaction on our service and advice at 93%. We are aiming for 100% with this, interactive and fun device in the branches."

About HappyOrNot

HappyOrNot helps its clients to develop their service experience and sales through continuous monitoring and reporting on customer and employee satisfaction levels. We serve such sectors as retail, traveling and transportation, outsourcing services, healthcare and wellbeing, financial services, automotive, and public and governmental services. Our service is currently being used by over 2000 organizations across 70 countries. HappyOrNot Americas Inc. is based in West Palm Beach, FL. To learn more, visit

LCU Staff Donate Over $7,000 to the Food Bank Expand/Collapse

Bonnyville and Cold Lake Lakeland Credit Union employees were pleased to donate $5,364.01 to the Bonnyville Food Bank and $1,739.10 to the Cold Lake Food Bank Society. The employees made the donation through their company-wide Care Wear program, which grants employees the privilege of wearing jeans to work in exchange for a $2 weekly donation to charity. Both non-profit organizations expressed their gratitude for the donations. "Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. You (LCU) are very much appreciated!" said Pauling Mawer, Assistant Executive Director at the Bonnyville Friendship Centre.

"Lakeland Credit Union proudly supports this staff-driven initiative as it directly benefits all those in need within our community. We have been choosing local non-profit initiatives for a decade now and staff really value the opportunity to participate in charitable giving while at work." said Amber Hughes, Vice President of Marketing and Human Resources for Lakeland Credit Union.

Since its inception in 2006, the Lakeland Credit Union Care Wear program has donated almost $80,000 to local charities.

Lakeland Credit Union Facilitates $16,334 Red Cross Donation Expand/Collapse

BONNYVILLE and COLD LAKE AB, May 2016 - Through fundraising BBQs and the collection of in-branch donations, Lakeland Credit Union facilitated a $16,334 donation to the Canadian Red Cross Fire Appeal to aid those affected by the northern Alberta wildfires.

Todd & Drake LLP and Lakeland Credit Union hosted a BBQ in Cold Lake at the Lakeland Credit Union parking lot. Despite the cool and windy weather, hundreds of people came through and raised over $3,900. Event sponsors included Sobey's Cold Lake, Tim Hortons, Hamel's, and O2's Tap House and Grill.

The following day, on May 10th, Lakeland Credit Union, Ducharme Motors, and B&R Eckels hosted a BBQ in the Bonnyville Sobey's parking lot. This event raised $7,750, which includes donations from the Iron River Fire Department, Alberta Beef Producers Zone 8, and the Rural Crime Watch Association. Sobey's Bonnyville sponsored all the food for this event.

Throughout May, many members also made donations in branch.

Canadian credit unions receive record nine awards, including coveted Customer Service Excellence Award from IPSOS for 11th year running Expand/Collapse

TORONTO, ON, August 27, 2015 - Among all financial institutions, Canadians ranked credit unions first in overall Customer Service Excellence and Branch Service Excellence for the 11th consecutive year. Credit unions were also awarded sole honours for the Values My Business award for the eighth year in a row. In total, Canada's credit unions received a record number of nine awards through the annual 2015 Ipsos® Best Banking Awards*.

*Ipsos® 2015 Best Banking Awards are based on ongoing quarterly Customer Service Index (CSI) survey results. Sample size for the total 2015 CSI program year ended with the August 2015 survey wave was 45,391 completed surveys yielding 65,991 financial institution ratings nationally.

LCU & El Designo Win Summit Creative Award for 2014 Annual Report Expand/Collapse

EDMONTON/BONNYVILLE, AB, July 2015 - El Designo graphic design studio of Edmonton has won a gold level Summit Creative Award for the annual report they designed in conjunction with Lakeland Credit Union. The annual report featured a growing theme that was communicated through vegetation visuals, natural colours and paper types, and corresponding copy.

The Summit Creative Award is an international advertising competition that, since 1994, has offered participants a unique opportunity to showcase their talents alongside similarly positioned agencies, and to have their work judged by experts in the advertising field. El Designo and Lakeland Credit Union have also won 5 consecutive Golden Mirror awards for annual reports.

More information is available here and here.

LCU Picks Up Two AIM Awards Expand/Collapse

BONNYVILLE, AB, May 25-27, 2015 - Lakeland Credit Union was honoured with two Achievement in Marketing (AIM) Awards during the 25th annual Marketing Association for Credit Unions (MACU) Achievement in Marketing Excellence Awards Gala in Kelowna, BC.

MACU hosts the awards show to recognize outstanding marketing achievements within the credit union industry over the past year.

Lakeland Credit Union picked up one award in the Website Redesign category and another in the Image Enhancement category. The redesigned website and the enhanced imagery feature a consistent look and feel that reflects the communities where Lakeland Credit Union conducts business.

MACU was started in 1988 by credit union marketers and supplier who joined together to exchange ideas, build relationships with their peers and foster professional development for credit union marketers across the country. Lakeland Credit Union was established in 1940 and has two branches operating in northeastern Alberta. It is the fourth largest credit union by asset size in Alberta.

Lakeland Credit Union Named Credit Union of the Year Expand/Collapse

CALGARY, AB, April 16, 2015 - For the sixth time in thirteen years, Alberta Central has awarded Lakeland Credit Union the distinction of Alberta's Credit Union of the Year. Alberta Central, the central banking facility, service bureau, and trade association for Alberta's credit unions, presented the award at their Annual General Meeting and awards evening in Calgary on April 16, 2015.

Of the 34 credit unions in Alberta, Lakeland Credit Union rose to the top on the basis of financial performance, community involvement, financial literacy, member satisfaction, staff satisfaction, and national marketing achievements. Lakeland Credit Union also picked up an award for Best Long Term Financial Performance in their peer group.

NLSD Recognizes Friends of Education Expand/Collapse

BONNYVILLE/COLD LAKE, August 28, 2014 – Northern Lights School Division has given three Lakeland organizations top grades for special contributions to local education. The Division presented Lakeland Credit Union, Kikino Playschool and Lions Rotary Club each with a Friends of Education Awards at the Division’s annual System Focus Day in Lac La Biche last Thursday.

“Ongoing Education is one of our operating principles, so we are very honoured to receive this award. Over the past year we put a lot of focus into expanding the impact of our financial literacy program, and it’s great to see the program gaining traction and being recognized as a positive contribution to our local education programs,” said Pierre Amyotte, CEO of Lakeland Credit Union.

It proved to be a winning week for Lakeland Credit Union, as for the 10th consecutive year, Canadians ranked credit unions first in overall Customer Service Excellence and Branch Service Excellence among all Canadian financial institutions in the 2014 Ispos Best Banking Awards Program.

Lakeland Credit Union wins AIME Award Expand/Collapse

BONNYVILLE, AB – Lakeland Credit Union was honored with an Achievement in Marketing Excellence (AIME) Award this past week during the 24th annual Marketing Association for Credit Unions (MACU) Achievement in Marketing Excellence Awards Gala in Montreal, QC.

The AIME Awards recognize outstanding marketing achievements within the credit union industry over the past year. This year 161 entries were received in 14 categories.

Lakeland Credit Union won an AIME in the Annual Report category for its 2012 annual report, which was designed to look and read like a newspaper.

Amber Hughes, VP of Marketing & Human Resources for Lakeland Credit Union, said the report was well received by members. “If you can create a corporate publication that entices people to not only pick it up but review it based on a creative appeal and transparent information within, that’s really the best way for us to communicate with our members. We’re approachable and down to earth just like the members we serve.”

MACU was started in 1988 by credit union marketers and supplier who joined together to exchange ideas, build relationships with their peers and foster professional development for credit union marketers across the country.

Lakeland Credit Union was established in 1940 and has two branches operating in northeastern Alberta. It is the fifth largest credit union by asset size in Alberta.

Lakeland Credit Union Recognized in Best Workplaces Competition Expand/Collapse

BONNYVILLE, AB, May 21, 2014 — For the second year in a row, LCU has been named a finalist in Alberta Venture’s “Alberta’s Best Workplaces” competition. LCU was again recognized in the Community and Volunteerism category, and new this year, in the Best Overall < 100 Employees category.

The competition, now in its seventh year, recognizes employers who have built on their strengths and developed their own unique culture. LCU was honored to be recognized alongside heavyweight contenders such as Enbridge, Syncrude, and Alliance Pipeline.  Competition judges specifically noted that LCU offers RRSP matching up to 5% for new employees, and designates a minimum 1.5% of pretax profits to support local non-profits.

Find more information about the competition here

Credit Unions Take First Place Expand/Collapse

Ranked First in Customer Service Excellence for Nine Years Running

TORONTO, ON, August 29, 2013 – For the ninth consecutive year, Canadians ranked credit unions first in Overall Customer Service Excellence among all financial institutions, surpassing all Canadian banks in the Ipsos 2013 Best Banking Awards. Credit unions also took sole honours in the Values My Business and Branch Service Excellence categories. Credit unions also tied for first place in the following categories among all financial institutions:

  • Financial Planning and Advice
  • Mobile Banking Excellence
  • Automated Telephone Banking Excellence
  • Live Agent Telephone Banking Excellence

“There truly is a ‘credit union difference’ and our members experience it every day,” said David Phillips, President & CEO, Credit Union Central of Canada. “Canadian credit unions and caisses populaires never lose sight of what is most important: our dedication to meeting the individual needs of our over 5.3 million members. We know that Canadians value the friendly, top quality service they receive from credit unions and this survey confirms what we hear from them,” added Phillips.

Lakeland Credit Union feels honoured to be a top choice in our local community. For more information on how to become a member and discover what thousands in the Lakeland already know, click here.

LCU Named Alberta’s Best Workplaces Finalist Expand/Collapse

CALGARY, AB, June 1, 2013 – LCU has been named a finalist in the category of Volunteerism and Community Involvement of Alberta Venture’s “Alberta’s Best Work Places” competition.

LCU has always been proud to “give where we live.” In 2012, Lakeland Credit Union staff invested more than 2,460 hours of their own time to various charitable organizations and events. All staff are recognized for their contributions and the employee who contributes the most annual volunteer hours to our communities is rewarded with an extra week of paid vacation; LCU rewards time with time!

Staff have also developed the Care Wear program in which employees each pay $2 every Friday for the privilege of wearing jeans to work.  Every 6 months the staff then decides where they would like to donate the funds. To date the Care Wear program has raised over $50,000 for local charities.

At the end of the year, LCU had shared more than $140,000 in donations and sponsorships in the community.

The Alberta Venture recognition places LCU amongst worthy competitors, all with several times as much staff and head offices in major cities.

LCU was also recognized with the Community Involvement award at the Bonnyville District Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year award.

LCU Awarded Achievement in Marketing Award Expand/Collapse

WHISTLER, BC, May 28, 2013 – Lakeland Credit Union was awarded an Achievement in Marketing Award by the Marketing Association for Credit Unions (MACU) for their new website, which is designed to function as a ‘virtual branch.’

The site includes features such as a Profit Sharing Calculator, Join Us application, a community events calendar, plus lots of information about LCU and all the great products and services it offers to members.

MACU’s annual Achievement in Marketing Excellence (AIME) Awards competition attracts entries from credit unions across Canada and recognizes the best and brightest achievements in credit union marketing, advertising and communications.

Financial Literacy Program Awarded Expand/Collapse

BONNYVILLE, AB, May 8, 2013 – Lakeland Credit Union’s Moonjar Financial Literacy Program, the interactive lesson on saving, spending and sharing, was chosen by Concentra Financial as 1 of 18 projects across Canada to receive a $10,000 grant.

The Moonjar Financial Literacy Program is facilitated by a credit union employee and is a hands-on approach to teaching community groups and youth the basics of money management.

Through role-playing and quick thinking games, funny videos, class discussion, crafts and hands-on practice, students challenge their own beliefs about earning an allowance, understanding the ‘cost-of-me’, the difference between banks and credit unions, balancing a budget and working towards their future goals. The Moonjar is a fundamental tool, as a three part piggy bank that enables decisions for saving, spending and sharing.

LCU partnered with Cold Lake and District FCSS and Northern Lights School Division to bring the important lessons of financial literacy to classrooms and is honoured to stand out among the 60 applicants.

LCU is committed to supporting education initiatives and has also branched out to help facilitate the financial curriculum of the local grade 10 Career and Life Management classes.

LCU’s Community Focus Honoured in Chamber’s Business of the Year Awards Expand/Collapse

BONNYVILLE, AB, October 13, 2012 – Lakeland Credit Union was selected winner of the Community Involvement Award at the Bonnyville District Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Awards.

The awards honoured business excellence by presenting distinction awards in six categories. Thirty-two businesses were nominated by the community in categories like Outstanding Small Business, Outstanding Large Business, Promising New Business, and Health and Safety Leader.

“As a local co-operative financial institution, we’re proud to put people before profits and to be able to invest directly into our communities where our owners live and work. It gives me great pleasure to accept this award on behalf of our staff and board of directors, who themselves are tremendous examples of the community spirit that makes Bonnyville a thriving and dynamic community,” said Pierre Amoyotte, CEO, as he accepted the Community Involvement award.

The credit union, an active Chamber of Commerce member, also sponsored and presented the Promising New Business category at the award ceremony.

LCU Wins CUES Golden Mirror Award Expand/Collapse

BONNYVILLE, AB, October 4, 2011- Amber Hughes, Manager, Marketing and Human Resources at Lakeland Credit Union has proven to be a top contender in marketing achievements. Hughes most recent accomplishments were presented by the renowned Credit Union Executive Society (CUES) at their Golden Mirror Awards where Lakeland Credit Union was awarded with First Place out of 560 international entries for their 2010 Annual Report and received an Award of Merit for their Conversion Campaign.

The Wisconsin, IL based organization reviewed hundreds of entries for thirty credit union marketing categories and two of those awards are now proudly showcased at the Lakeland Credit Union Bonnyville branch.

Pierre Amyotte, Chief Executive Officer at Lakeland Credit Union said, “We are proud that our credit union is a front runner of marketing excellence for credit unions of our size in both Canada and the United States. Amber’s creative concepts for the Annual Report entice our members to examine our business and what our progress means for them as members. The 2010 Annual Report was not just designed to disclose the financial statements of Alberta’s Credit Union of the Year; it was created to give members a “field guide” of Lakeland Credit Unions accomplishments and enhancements over the last year.”

Lakeland Credit Union Named Alberta’s Credit Union of the Year Expand/Collapse

Recognized as provincial leader 5 times in nine years!

BONNYVILLE, AB, May 20, 2011–Lakeland Credit Union was recently honored as Alberta’s Credit Union of the Year for the fifth time in nine years. This award is presented on the basis of strong financial performance and marketing excellence.

Lakeland Credit Union has seen a year of change and growth through renovating the Cold Lake branch to nearly double its size, implementing an entirely new banking platform and welcoming a new Chief Executive Officer, Pierre Amyotte.

“This honor is a win for our communities. The financial growth our institution has experienced is a direct result of our thriving communities.” praised Amyotte. The top provincial title also recognizes Lakeland Credit Union for its community initiatives and the support of strong local membership.

Strong results in 2010 enabled Lakeland Credit Union to reward more than 12,000 members with patronage payments of nearly $2.88 million. This shared amount of the profit was dispersed in the amount of approximately $1,237 per average household. Profit Sharing is part of the Credit Union advantage and members are annually rewarded for the business they do, and they collectively share in the success of Lakeland Credit Union.

Amyotte also credits the staff for “their single-minded focus on delivering superior service with credible advice and real value.” Lakeland Credit Union processed an impressive average of nearly 2,800 transactions daily in-branch, over and above ATM and online services.

The continued financial strength also enabled Lakeland Credit Union to share more than $86,000 through local community donations and event sponsorships in 2010. “Becoming Alberta’s Credit Union of the Year over 48 other Alberta Credit Unions is a huge honor but has also become the standard of excellence that members expect, and that staff and directors aim for.” Amyotte affirms. Lakeland Credit Union employs more than 80 staff in two branches and provides full financial services to the Lakeland region.


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