Corporate Social Responsibility

At Lakeland Credit Union we're offering more than just banking services! From  financial literacy for our communities to socially responsible investment options - You can have the peace of mind that when you become a member-owner at Lakeland Credit Union you're also contributing to vibrant and healthy communities in the Lakeland!

We believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is not just a definition; it is a foundational element for how we conduct business in the communities in which we serve.  Just one of the ways that your local Credit Union stands out from the crowd!

Transparency & Accountability

Business Ethics

Employee Well-Being

We strive for the recruitment and retention of healthy, happy and engaged employees who share in our vision!

  • Exhaustive benefits program
  • Employee career development through training and continued education
  • Compassion, bereavement and sick leave
  • Vacation entitlements and flex days
  • Staff volunteer grants

Environmental Stewardship

Community Involvement & Development

Member Service & Engagement

  • Development of a Service & Advice culture through significant orientation & training
  • Open communication channels for member feedback


If you have any questions about our CSR programs or policies feel free to contact us through email, facebook, or by stopping by one of our branches.


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