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Financial Advisors


Stacy Johnson - Financial Advisor

Phone: 780-812-3649

Stacy brings previous credit union experience, a willingness to learn, and a determination to help the members to her Financial Advisor role. She works with members to help them find the best chequing and savings accounts, credit cards, and investment products.  She enjoys interacting with different people, and building long term relationships with members to help them move through various life stages. Stacy’s colleagues appreciate her bubbly personality and willingness to help out.  Outside of work Stacy volunteers with the Pierceland Horse Riding Club and Lakeland Gymcana Association.

Linda Kwiatkowski Linda Kwiatkowski - Financial Advisor

Phone: 780-812-3649

Linda completed 2 years of accounting courses before joining LCU as a teller in 2012. Within a year, she had worked her way to a Financial Advisor position. A typical workday will see Linda opening and managing chequing accounts, savings account, credit cards, term deposits, and other products for business and personal members.  Linda appreciates the educational opportunities available at LCU, and has completed courses in financial products and services, financial planning, consumer lending, and she is the only Certified Executor Advisor (CEA) in Bonnyville, which means she has extra training in managing estate accounts.  As a longtime Bonnyvillian, Linda knows our area well.
Rowena Pamintuan - Financial Advisor

Phone: 780-812-3630

Rowena joined LCU in 2019. She relishes the opportunity to help members meet their short and long term goals, and she enjoys the variety of people and situations she works with.

Cold Lake

Angela Willis - Financial Advisor

Phone: 780-594-7636

Angela puts members first and seeks to understand a member’s needs, goals, and overall financial situation so they can feel confident they’re getting the products that will serve them best in the short and long term. Angela joining LCU in 2019.

Consumer Lending Team


Ciedezha Bilar Ciedezha Bilar - Member Relationship Advisor

Phone: 780-812-3615

If LCU gave a prize for best recall skills, Ciedezha would likely win. She’s great at remembering member’s names and connecting previous conversations.  Ciedezha has a bachelor of business administration degree and fifteen years of financial industry experience, which she puts to good use in her role as Member Relationship Advisor. She helps members with their everyday banking, such as finding the right chequing account or credit card. As a member of our financial literacy team, Ciedezha shares her expertise with students across the Lakeland. Ciedezha is passionate about serving and taking care of other people and enjoys growing with our members and seeing the potential in our business members.

Cold Lake

Cindy Lillico - Member Relationship Advisor

Phone: 780-812-3612

As a native Cold Laker working in the finance industry since 2009, Cindy knows both the area and her field well.  She works to understand her member’s distinct needs, wants, and long-term goals before pairing them with the best-fitting mortgage, vehicle loans, or line of credit. Cindy has extensive experience in vehicle loans and especially enjoys developing creative, tailored lending solutions for members in non-traditional situations. On the weekends, Cindy puts her pilot’s license to work volunteering for Cold Lake Search and Rescue.

Shani Daw
Shani Daw - Senior Fiancial Advisor

Phone: 780-594-7646

Shani has worked in the financial services industry since 1984, and she’s lived in Cold Lake since 1989. So it’s safe to say she knows both well. She’s has experience with investment, retirement, and deposit products, and she’s completed courses on Residential Construction Mortgages, Lending to Self-Employed borrowers, Lending to High Net-worth Borrowers, and more.  “I enjoy helping members reach a life milestone, such as buying a house. I present members with the financing options best suited to their situation, and I help them navigate the ever-changing rules and regulations of the financial Industry,” Shani says of her lending philosophy.

Commercial Lending Team


Beau Ferbey

Beau Ferbey - Associate Relationship Manager

Phone: 780-812-2842

As a part of the LCU Commercial Lending team, Beau brings his knowledge of finance, previous experience as a Commercial Credit Analyst and knowledge of the Lakeland, as a native Bonnyvillian, to help businesses develop and grow.

Huguette Coulombe
Huguette Coulombe - Relationship Manager

Phone: 780-812-3613

Huguette Coloumbe is our in house agriculture expert with over 30 years’ of banking experience. Huguette grew up on a farm in the St. Vincent area and is familiar with all types of farming operations. She helped her family with silage in the spring, moving augers in the fall, and in between her daily chores, she honed her leadership skills in 4-H. Caring about people is what it’s all about -  Huguette is also expanding her knowledge base to incorporate a better understanding healthcare in our region. Huguette has always lived in the Lakeland area and has a keen sense of our local opportunities and challenges.

Irene Schurek
Irene Schurek - Relationship Manager

Phone: 780-812-3634

Irene Schurek is our go-to authority on local construction and transportation standards and trends. When she’s not meeting with members, Irene is studying industry publications, researching development permits and proposals, and keeping an eye on our competition.After 28 years in the banking industry, there’s not much Irene hasn’t seen, but she’s always open to new challenges, and enjoys seeing businesses evolve and expand.

Commercial Credit Analyst Team


Christina Dauvin - Commercial Credit Analyst

Phone: 780-812-3633

In her role as Commercial Credit Analyst, Christina helps prepare commercial loan renewals, reviews financial statements, and provides credit support to the Commercial Lenders.  Her favourite part of the job is helping members get the credit they need to achieve sustainable growth. She enjoys learning about business and uncovering the intricacies involved in entrepreneurship.  Christina grew up in Cold Lake and moved to Bonnyville in grade 10, so she knows the Lakeland people and region well.  Prior to joining LCU, Christina earned a diploma in Accounting and Payroll Administration and worked in the oil and gas sector. She is currently working on her Business Lending Accreditation. Co-workers appreciate Christina’s bubbly nature and participation in internal committees.

Crystal Dechaine - Commercial Credit Analyst

Phone: 780-812-3645

Crystal helps prepare commercial loan renewals, reviews financial statements, and provides credit support to the Commercial Lenders in her role as Commercial Credit Analyst.  Growing up in a farm family and being a previous co-owner of a purebred operation has given Crystal a solid understanding of the Agriculture Industry and the dedication required to operate a farm. That unique background brings value to the lending team. Prior to joining LCU in 2017, Crystal earned a Bachelor of Science in agriculture and accumulated 15 years of work experience in the areas of business development, human resources, administration, and leadership.  Recently, she completed her MBA degree with a focus in Finance.   Crystal’s favourite part of her job is helping members to realize their goals and dreams, and celebrating their successes.

Norma Huffman - Commercial Credit Analyst

Phone: 780-812-3604

Norma brings over a decade of Credit Union experience to her Commercial Credit Analyst role. She helps prepare commercial loan renewals, reviews financial statements, and provides credit support to the Commercial Lenders. When newer Analysts have questions, Norma is happy to help out and share her expertise. Norma enjoys the investigative aspect of her job, doing complete underwritings, and getting to know our members. She’s proficient in commercial real estate deals and is excited to learn more about the agriculture sector. Norma has a Business Administration diploma to her name and is working towards her Business Lender designation. As recent transplants to Bonnyville, Norma and her husband are enjoying the area and the welcoming community. 

Cold Lake

Tyler Sylvestre - Commercial Credit Analyst

Phone: 780-594-7631

After starting at LCU as a teller in 2016. Tyler joined the Commercial team in 2019 as Commercial Credit Analyst.

Wealth Advisors

Bonnyville & Cold Lake

Bobbi Read

Bobbi Read - Associate Advisor, Mutual Fund Investment Specialist

Phone: 780-594-7640

In 2012, Bobbi found an opportunity to work in the Wealth Management sector and has never looked back. She continuously upgraded her education and discovered she has a passion for providing creative investment solutions to help clients realize their financial goals. By understanding her clients and offering an array of options, Bobbi feels she can empower her clients to make informed financial decisions. As an integral part of the LCU Financial team, Bobbi is friendly and personable, but maintains a high level of professionalism. When not at work, Bobbi can be found attending to the array of animals on her family farm, or cheering and volunteering with her sons’ hockey teams.

Krista Kardash

Krista Kardash - Certified Financial Planner, Mutual Fund Investment Specialist

Phone: 780-812-3617

After growing up in Edmonton and studying at the University of Alberta, Krista moved to the Lakeland in 2011 where she joined the Lakeland Credit Union team.  Krista joined the LCU Financial team in 2012 as a financial advisor and after rapidly advancing her education, Krista obtained the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER© designation in 2014. It’s a career path that was meant to be for Krista, who was making mock stock portfolios at 12 and had her first RRSP at 15. Krista also holds a certificate in Estate Planning and Trust Strategy from the Canadian Securities Institute and is constantly working to advance her skills and expertise. Krista views financial planning as a holistic exercise and helping members succeed financially is one of her favourite aspects of her job.  Krista and her husband Ray recently welcomed a baby daughter, Eleanor.

Management Team


Noella Williams

Noella Williams - Manager, Member Service

Phone: 780-812-3640

When Noella finished high school in 1977, she was delighted to land a job with Lakeland Credit Union. It was a natural choice given that her father was one of the original board chairs of LCU, and her grandfather founded a French language and culture co-operative.  Noella started her career as a teller, and as was the standard, she would process all calculations manually. She has worked in the clearing department, as a member service representative, as a front line supervisor, and more recently, she has been keeping our members and staff happy as the Manager of Member Service in Bonnyville.  She manages a team of 12 staff who know her to be a great mentor, and a caring and respectful boss.  Members appreciate Noella’s depth of service and respect her advice. Noella maintains an open door policy with members and staff.

Cold Lake

Darlene Larocque

Darlene Larocque - Manager, Member Service

Phone: 780-594-7639

In her role as Manager of Member Service in Cold Lake, Darlene helps members find the products and services that meet their financial goals. She’s a great resource for advice on day-to-day banking. Since joining LCU in 2001, Darlene has worked her way up through various positions including member service advisor, clearing clerk, and audit and compliance administrator.  She relishes the opportunities to help businesses get started, find efficiencies, and grow to the next stage.

Susan Urichuk-Roth
Susan Urichuk-Roth - Manager, Consumer Lending

Phone: 780-594-7641

Susan Urichuk-Roth joined CFB Cold Lake Savings and Credit Union in 1985, before it underwent a series of mergers to eventually become Lakeland Credit Union. She worked her way up through various positions from loan clerk, to lender, supervisor, and to her current post as Assistant Manager of Consumer Lending. Susan’s many members are happy to refer her to their networks, citing her strong work ethic, professionalism, and helpful nature.


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