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We take our members security very seriously and are committed to the highest standards of fraud prevention and identity protection. There are no typical victims of fraud and with today’s technology these creative scammers can be anywhere. The good news is – you're in charge of your money and your safety.

Recent Reports of Fraud in the Lakeland
Tips for Protecting Yourself Against Fraud
Top Financial Scams Play on Emotions and Have Huge Financial Implications

Lakeland Credit Union is your credit union, really – you own it. Keep up to date on what’s happening, here and on our events calendar!

Please note: Internet Explorer 11 is not a supported browser for MemberDirect.

Previous browsers allowed websites to prevent passwords from being remembered. This was considered a security advantage for banking sites. The new IE11 doesn’t let the site disable the feature of remembering passwords which could be a security risk. We recommend that members that use MemberDirect avoid upgrading to Internet Explorer 11 at this time.


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