The Golden Account – for members 65 years & better!

We truly value our senior members and have made an account package that is truly ‘golden’ including as many free items as we could!

Golden (65+)
Account Details
Monthly fee Free


Deposits (in branch* or self-serve*) Free
In-branch debits* Unlimited
Self-serve debits* Unlimited
In-branch bill payments Free
INTERAC e-transfer debits Free
Credit Limit Usage Fee $4.00
Canadian non-credit union ATM withdrawal 6 free (then $2.00 ea.)
Non-Canadian ATM withdrawal $3.00
Frequency Monthly
Paper Statement including cheque images

Turned off

(Free to opt in)

Additional Services
Free cheque orders
1 free basic order/year
CDN draft $7.50
US draft
Cash Orders*
Hold item to deposit $2.00/item
Stop payment - full details
Stop payment - partial details

Replace Member Card® debit card over the counter

Order custom Member Card® debit card
Safe deposit box discount $15.00

Self-serve debits include: withdrawals at Lakeland Credit Union ATMs, withdrawals at Canadian credit union ATMs, Member Card® debit card direct payment, automatic funds transfers, online debits.

In-branch debits include: withdrawals in-branch, inter-account transfers in-branch, cheques written from the account.

Cash orders include: bundles of bills, boxes of coins and/or any special cash orders.

Please contact us
if you have any questions or want to become a member.


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