Wire Transfers

Sending a wire transfer is a convenient, efficient and safe way to move money between financial institutions almost anywhere in the world.  Funds can be sent in almost any currency and received in either Canadian or U.S. Dollars.

To send or receive a wire, specific information must be provided to ensure the transfer meets all the rules and regulatory requirements, allowing the wire to pass quickly through what may sometimes include multiple systems.  If any information is missing or incorrect, the wire may be delayed or not arrive at its destination at all.

Incoming Wires

To receive a wire transfer you must provide the necessary information to the sender.  Instructions differ depending on where the wire is coming from.  The currency being received will also determine the routing instructions.

Outgoing Wires

Sending cut-off times apply.  Contact your branch for details.

To send a wire transfer you must provide the sender’s full legal name (or full legal business name) and full physical address.  Similar information will be required about the beneficiary along with their banking information and any additional details specific to the destination of the wire. 

Refer to the checklist or complete the information form below to ensure you provide all the necessary details to your Lakeland Credit Union branch for processing.


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