3 Year Mortgage Special

The option of converting into a fixed rate closed mortgage that is offered at time of conversion with a term of 3 years or more at any time.
  • Not only at renewal but can be converted anytime (permitting 3 years remain in term)
  • Fluctuating interest rates that could potentially be lower or higher over the term of your mortgage (Prime minus)
  • Payment frequency options of weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly
  • Standard minimum mortgage amount applicable - $10,000.00
Mortgage Freedom Faster

The 20/20 down payment option allows you to increase your monthly payments by 20% or pay down your mortgage principle balance by 20% (normal options available on our mortgages).

Terms and conditions
  • Not eligible for early payout, only at maturity or sale of home
  • Standard Penalties apply if home is sold while in this product
  • Residential owner occupied 1st mortgages only
  • Normal qualifying criteria

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