QuickChange Machine

A penny saved is a penny earned, but wait… What are you doing with your jars of pennies and other loose change? Lakeland Credit Union has a Quick Change Coin Counting machine that can save you time and hassle and get that cash in your savings account earning interest. Come on in and see the latest in banking technology, anyone can use our Coin Counter machine which allows you to dump buckets of loose change into the sorter and retrieve a slip to make a quick deposit to your account or exchange for cash.

School and community fundraisers are a breeze; when you’re done collecting your coins, come into the credit union and put that money towards your cause faster than ever!

We are excited to offer you this new service:

  • Available in Bonnyville and Cold Lake
  • Just place the coin in the machine slot and follow the on screen instructions
  • A 5% fee will be charged to members
  • A 10% fee will be charged to non-members
  • Deposit the change to your account or take cash!

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