Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage life insurance is the least expensive way to have a replacement income.

The cost for a 35-year old male with a $100,000 mortgage will average about $13 per month.  The policy you hold is what the insurance industry calls term or creditor insurance.  You pay premiums for the coverage for a specific term or length of time, such as a 20 or 25-year mortgage. Once the mortgage is paid, your financial risk has ended, so the policy ends too.

With this insurance on your mortgage, your family’s biggest debt is turned into its strongest asset.  Considering that term insurance is the least expensive way to provide for your family’s financial future, it makes sense for just about everyone to do so.  It’s even more sensible for families with high mortgages.  With all the financial pressures your family may face in the event of an untimely death, mortgage life insurance can give you peace of mind.

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