Retirement Savings

Planning for Success

Investing for the future and creating a complex savings strategy may not be top of mind for you.

We know that, and are here with simple solutions to help set you up for success.

Within a Registered Retirement Savings Plan, you can hold many different investment options.  If you want consistency and to know that your initial investment is secure - a Term Deposit is an excellent option.
From January 28th 2021 through March 1st 2021 Lakeland Credit Union is offering Term Deposit Invesments to help mazimize your saving potential.

We are proud that in the current economy, we can stand up for our members and offer the best and most competitive rates in the Lakeland region. 0.70% on a 9 month non redeemable term special offer is designed with our members in mind. 

Your success is our success.

You have choices.
Our Trusted Advisors are here.

Are you looking to maximize the impact on this year's taxes?

Your Registered Retirement Savings Plan contributions reduce this year's taxable income - which saves you money. 

The funds contributed are taxed upon withdrawal, rather than in the year they are earned when they are sheltered by the RRSP.  Savings for now, and later as the rate at which the funds are taxed is lower when you are in retirement.

Planning out withdrawal strategies and tax implications is something that a professional advisor considers, so that you can focus on what's important to you today.

Want to know more about how to maximize the impact of your contributions today and in the future?

Security for your Investments

Deposits made at a credit union are covered by the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation.

This means your funds are covered under a guarantee that covers all deposits* including foreign currency deposits and deposits with terms exceeding five years. It is not affected by a credit union changing its name, amalgamating, or entering into similar types of arrangement. 

To sum it up, your money is secure - not just up to a certain dollar point, but every dollar and that includes your Term Deposit savings.

2021 Investment Special

Make the most of your savings, with minimal risk.

100% Deposit Guarantee Protection.

Shorter term, 9 month investment.

.70% on a 9 month, non redeemable term = more money for you. We're putting our members first, in a time they need it most.
Term Deposits at the Credit Union are the most competitive interest rates in the Lakeland. In an uncertain time, be certain that your hard saved money is safe.
If you find a better rate locally, bring it to us - we'd be happy to discuss.
Bonnyville 780 826 3377
Cold Lake 780 594 4011

* 100% Deposit Guarantee

The Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation provides a 100% guarantee of all deposits with Alberta credit unions. This protection includes accrued interest to the date of payout. Additionally, the Credit Union Act provides that the Government of Alberta will ensure that this obligation of the Corporation is carried out.


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Deposit Guarantee

Your deposits are 100% guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation