You work hard, you want the best value for your money and we feel the same way. Not only does Lakeland Credit Union offer competitive rates but we reinvest your money back in the Lakeland community through lending to others and sponsorship of community initiatives. On top of that, we offer Profit Sharing for all the business you do with us!

Click here for our Profit Share Calculator or better yet, pick up the phone or visit us for a Member Chat. We’re helping, not selling.

There are no disclaimer rates here - all members get Member Value Pricing*, an open, fair and transparent pricing philosophy that directly rewards members for their loyalty to Lakeland Credit Union. The more business you have with us, the better the rates get!

In the chart below, the MVP Target Rate is just that - a target rate – many of our members will get even BETTER than that, it’s worth a chat to find out!

Borrowing Rates

Want to find out what you can afford? Check this out!

Investment Rates

Registered Products

Rates and conditions are subject to change without notice. To get your unique Member Value Pricing (MVP), please contact one of our trusted advisors for a Member Chat.

**What is the ‘Profit share effect rate’? This is an estimate of the profit sharing you will receive at the end of the fiscal year using historical 2016 common share and patronage allocations.

This rate is not guaranteed but is the potential rate of return you could realize after patronage allocations.


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