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We’re committed to supporting initiatives that make a real impact at a local level.

Our Community Investment Program is our holistic approach to social responsibility — reflecting the needs of our communities by being inclusive and engaging — and supporting safe and strong neighbourhoods. Programs pursued and supported by Lakeland Credit Union happen right in the communities where our members live and work, and where our employees can see the results of their efforts in action.

In our two small communities, we have the unique advantage of really knowing our members!

At Lakeland Credit Union we are not only proud partners in our community but we are also proud initiators.  From our post-secondary Scholarship Program to our Financial Literacy Program, we are there at the forefront to spearhead meaningful programs that offer relevant support for members of our communities.

Staff Initiatives

Each member of our team is passionate about getting involved in our community and dedicatedly does so through volunteer work, Care Wear Fridays and spontaneous staff led fundraisers.


Our staff become more than just lenders and service representatives: they are golf partners, ribbon cutters, committee members, community volunteers, and above all true ambassadors of Lakeland Credit Union. 

We encourage our volunteers by offering tangible benefits to the organizations they work with through staff volunteer grants and awarding a community champion with one extra week of paid vacation — we reward their time commitment with our time! In 2016 alone our staff gave over 3,900 hours of their time in our communities!