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Peter & Joyce Drapaka

“At Lakeland Credit Union, the people are approachable and make you feel comfortable. When we built our house and got our first big loan, LCU was very good to us – advising us along the way and offering rates comparable to or better than the competition.”

The Seguin FAMILY

“LCU’s new app is amazing and super user friendly. I love having the ability to deposit cheques, pay bills, transfer funds, and check my balance from my phone in less than a minute. However; we bank at LCU mainly because of the staff. They are always very friendly and go out of their way to get to know and help us. It’s easy to see who we need, and we have never felt rushed out of an appointment. We have always trusted that the staff will give us the best advice and best rates possible. When we buy RRSPs every year (usually at the last minute), the staff explain all the options and we feel well informed and confident investing in the areas they recommend.”

Joly's FINE Cuisine

“I recommend Lakeland Credit Union to everyone! They are very community orientated and I love how they give back their profits to their members. In addition to backing my business financially, they are also one of my regular customers. LCU is committed to helping local businesses thrive in our community.”

Brenda & Blair Tarramara Kennels

“We bank at LCU because of the personal touch they offer. You can call, make an appointment, and actually go see someone who offers information to help our business. With other banks, everything is done online with someone thousands of miles away. We also appreciate that LCU does not charge a monthly fee for lines of credit that are available but not being used. Small loans are accessible without the requirement for security worth several times more than the loan itself.”


“Lakeland Credit Union understands us, our family, and our business. They have a wide range of products and services and are eager to help in any way they can. We’ve always been treated well by pleasant staff who greet us with a welcoming smile. The current economic environment is challenging, but our account manager at LCU displayed a genuine desire to make things happen for us. I’ve always felt that the team at Lakeland Credit Union works very hard to take care of members and our needs!”

Randy & Eileen Batke Batke Energy Services

“It was 1982 when we opened our first accounts at Lakeland Credit Union. Our kids all started with Fat Cat accounts, and are still there, growing their accounts as adults. LCU has always been very accommodating, working to find specific solutions for our specific needs. During a family crisis, our loans officer, Isabelle Hetu went above and beyond her job duties to help us through a difficult time. We are happy to recommend LCU to our family, friends, and employees.”