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Trusted ADVICE


A significant amount of training and support is given to our team to provide members with the best and most trusted advice.

And those resources are clearly paying off as our members gave us a 93% satisfaction rating with 88% likely to recommend us to others. In addition, we were ranked #1 in the Lakeland for advice, convenience, reputation and value.

We receive feedback through many channels throughout the year and make the effort to review and react (and sometimes change process or policy) based on member feedback. This year we implemented kiosks in the branches to gauge member satisfaction in real time each day. in addition, we encourage members to share their ideas or ask questions on our website and through their trusted advisors.

We know that happy customers/members starts with happy staff and this year our staff survey showed a 90% satisfaction level and serious pride for the organization. We truly believe in developing and nurturing a family work environment that is supportive, fun and fulfilling.