The best mortgage rate is
just the beginning.
We start with the lowest posted rate, then add the most personal expert advice in the Lakeland, plus $2,500 cash back*.
The Lakeland's market is heating up.

Get pre-approved today by working with one our mortgage experts in-branch, or have our mobile mortgage expert come to you.

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Get the best rates on residential mortgages
with Member Value Pricing (MVP)

3 Year Special

Insured MVP Fixed Rate

4 Year Special

Insured MVP Fixed Rate

5 Year Special

Insured MVP Fixed Rate

1 Year 
Prime +
1 Year
MVP Fixed Rate
2 Year
MVP Fixed Rate
3 Year
MVP Fixed Rate
4 Year
MVP Fixed Rate
5 Year
MVP Fixed Rate

*Terms & conditions apply. Rates subject to change without notice. Prime rate: 6.95%

To get your unique Member Value Pricing (MVP), contact one of our trusted advisors.

Our friendly, qualified and experienced lenders are eager to meet with you to customize financing options that suit your life.
Speedy Approvals
Decisions are made in our branches so we can usually approve your mortgage request within 24 hours when all qualifying documentation is provided.

Mortgage Freedom Faster
The 20/20 pay-down option allows you to increase your monthly payments by 20% or pay down your mortgage principle balance by 20%. You could save thousands of dollars and be debt-free sooner.
Completing a mortgage application before you shop gives you the advantage to know how much you can spend before you purchase your new home.

Insurance Requirements
We can help you choose a combination of insurance including life, disability, critical illness, or job loss insurance to ensure you get the coverage you need.

Mortgage Calculator

Use our mortgage calculator to better understand what you can afford and plan out your payments. Use the (+) Compare button below to comparing different scenarios.
Disclaimer: This calculator is intended for illustrative purposes only. Based on the accuracy of the information you provide and other variables including terms and interest rates, individual circumstances may differ. Professional advice from a Lakeland Credit Union representative is encouraged.

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