Scholarship Program
Scholarships are provided every year to students in the Lakeland who wish to pursue post-secondary education or an apprenticeship program. We’ve awarded $194,000 in scholarships since 2008! 

LCU Gives $12,500 in Scholarships to Five 2024 Graduates

Lakeland Credit Union is incredibly proud to present $12,500 in scholarships this year to graduates who are pursuing a post-secondary education. 

Our youth are the leaders of tomorrow and their achievements will leverage change and success within the future. So, on behalf of Lakeland Credit Union, it is with great honor we present this scholarship award to the following students who have shown outstanding achievement throughout the school year, leadership within their schools and commitment to the community. Congratulations to Alora Jodoin, Alene Kamaleddine, Amelia Cyr, Hannah Bates and Payton Burge.

We are proud to support students in our community.


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