Chequing Accounts that fit your needs

A lady buying coffee at a cafe
Basic Account
No monthly fee
An Lady looking at her smartphone
Electra Account
Enjoy banking online or using the ATM?
Lobby of the Bonnyville Branch
Ultra Account
Use debit card or visit the branch frequently.
An old couple on bikes smiling
Golden Account
Over 65 years?
An guy looking at his laptop as he scratches his head
Infinity Account
Covers all your banking needs
An lady working on her laptop with a cup of coffee
Make your money work for you
Students with books and backpacks smiling
Evolution Account
Our free account for ages 13-18 years.
College students laying in the grass looking at a book
Student Account
Free Ultra Account for Students aged 18+.
An scene of the Brooklyn Bridge
US Dollar Account
U.S. accounts funds are deposited and withdrawn as U.S. funds.
Trinity Logo
Trinity Account
Spend. Save. Support.
Heroes word in a silver metallic font
Heroes Specialty Package
We support our community heroes who are an integral part of the Lakeland region.
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