You work hard, you want the best value for your money and we feel the same way. Not only does Lakeland Credit Union offer competitive rates but we reinvest your money back in the community. On top of that, we offer Profit Sharing for all the business you do with us!

Lakeland Credit Union offers competitive rates

Prime Rate

(Effective March 31, 2020)

Foreign Exchange

Buying US Cash (May 12)

Foreign Exchange

Selling US Cash (May 12)

*Rates subject to change without notice.
Mortgage/Loan Rates
Term Rate Get Started
1 Year Open/Variable @ P+ 1.05% Get rate
3 Year Convertible Special 1.59% Get rate
6 Month 3.80% Get rate
1 Year 3.15% Get rate
2 Year 3.25% Get rate
3 Year 2.25% Get rate
4 Year 2.30% Get rate
5 Year Special 1.75% Get rate
5 Year 2.49% Get rate
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To get your unique Member Value Pricing(MVP), please contact on of our trusted advisors.
Investment Rates
Term Deposits, RRSPs, RRIFs & TFSAs
Non-Redeemable Rate Get Started
30 Day 0.05% Get rate
60 Day 0.10% Get rate
90 Day 0.15% Get rate
180 Day 0.15% Get rate
1 Year 0.40% Get rate
2 Year 0.45% Get rate
3 Year 0.50% Get rate
4 Year 0.60% Get rate
5 Year 0.70% Get rate
Above investments minimum: $500
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