LCU Gives $17,000 in Scholarships to 2021 Graduates

This year has been filled with more Zoom calls, Google Meets, online classrooms and postponed events than we ever anticipated.  Finally you have arrived at graduation, a time when you are simultaneously looking back at all the memories while looking forward to the future.  We want to take a moment to celebrate the now.

If you are a 2021 graduate: pause, take a deep breath in, and do a little happy dance– because you did it! This is a milestone for you, your families, classmates, teachers and all of the people in your life.  All of us here at Lakeland Credit Union are so proud of all of the graduates and their families for overcoming numerous obstacles that this year presented.

“We know that the students of the Lakeland have overcome so many different obstacles this year getting to the finish line that is graduation.  Our Board of Directors feels passionately about continued education and collectively decided to go above and beyond and award 17 students with our scholarship this year,” said Charmaine Code, Board Chair.  “We know funding is one of the major stressors and obstacles that post-secondary students face and we are proud to be able to alleviate a portion of this stress for these students after they succeeded in navigating this challenging year.

Our scholarship program is based on a students’ involvement in their community, their leadership as well as their academics.  We know that our students are more than their grades and we celebrate all of the qualities that make applicants unique.

Lakeland Credit Union is incredibly proud to present, on behalf of our members, $17,000 in scholarships this year to graduates who are moving forward to begin the next chapter of their lives.

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2021 Lakeland Credit Union Scholarship:

Kelsie Blain - Bonnyville Centralized High School

Sophia Hamel - Assumption Jr./Sr. High School

Emily Davediuk - Bonnyville Centralized High School

Olivia Procinsky - Assumption Jr./Sr. High School

Brianna Larocque -  Ecole Des Beaux-Lacs

Alissia Hutchison – Bonnyville Centralized High School

Paige Bannerman - Bonnyville Centralized High School

John Neumann - Bonnyville Centralized High School

Michael Arabi - Bonnyville Centralized High School

Dillan Zahara - Notre Dame High School

Maddison Wolgien - Notre Dame High School

Alexandrea Dechaine - Notre Dame High School

Parker Reed - Notre Dame High School

Tristan Hodinsky - Ecole Des Beaux-Lacs

MacKena Foisy - Notre Dame High School

Cassandra Christians - Notre Dame High School

Jacelyn Antoniuk - Ecole Des Beaux-Lacs

Scholarships for the 2022 year will open in April 2022 for those who would like to apply.

Bonnyville, AB - Thursday | June 24, 01:54 PM
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