Funding your Future

Books, tuition, meal cards oh my!

Books, tuition, meal cards oh my!

Books, tuition, meal cards oh my!


Funding for school means that you will be able to focus on the essays and projects that are due, not your bills and tuition.  There are a variety of ways to fund your education and taking advantage of the opportunities to do so is a prime way to set yourself up for future success.

There are awards, scholarships, bursaries, grants, student loans and line of credits.  But what is the difference?

  • Awards: Funds you receive from a contest, as a prize or from a corporate sponsor.
  • Bursaries: Funding that you do not need to pay back, that is based on a special qualification and take financial need into consideration.  
  • Scholarships: These are provided based on a specific set of qualifications, and generally do not take financial need into consideration.  Scholarships do not need to be paid back.
  • Grants: Grants are for students with special circumstances including, but not limited to, students from lower income families and students with permanent disabilities. Grant money may need to be repaid if your living situation changes and you are no longer under the eligible funding for the grant.
  • Loans Loans are a set amount that is borrowed to pay for schooling, and must be repaid, with interest over a set period.
  • Line of Credit: A Line of Credit is a set amount that can be borrowed up to a pre-set amount, and you can borrow money from a line of credit, pay it back and then borrow again, up to your credit limit.


Funding you can get for school – Apply Today

ATCO Indigenous Education Awards Program - $1,500

Merit Awards ($500) – for students completing Grades 10-12, including upgrading.

Bursaries ($1,000) – for students enrolled in trade, diploma, or certificate programs.

Scholarships ($1,500) – for students enrolled in degree or graduate programs.

Aboriginal Achievement Scholarship - $1,500


NADC Bursary - $6,000 x 2 years

The NADC (Northern Alberta Development Council) Bursary is a return service bursary of $6,000 per year for a maximum of two years and is offered to students entering their last two years of post-secondary studies or entering a program that is one or two years in length. It is meant to encourage students to train for jobs that are in demand in northern Alberta and does not need to be repaid if you work in the career field chosen in Northern Alberta.

Northern Lights ATA Local #15 Scholarship -$1,000 x3 CLOSES May 15, 2022    

Each year 3 scholarships of $1,000 are awarded from the local Alberta Teacher’s Association . Application packages for the Northern Lights ATA Local #15 scholarship must include an application form, letter of acceptance and a personal essay of no more than 500 words on the topic “Your education has spanned more than a decade. Think of a Northern Lights Public Schools teacher that has made a significant positive impact on your life. Tell us about this person and describe the impact they have had on you.”


Lakeland Co-op Scholarships -$1,000 CLOSES April 30, 2022

Open to all graduating students within the Lakeland Co-op trade area.


Lakeland Credit Union Scholarships - $1,000 x 10 CLOSES May 6, 2022

The scholarship will be awarded based on a number of factors, which include leadership, community/school involvement, educational and future goals, academic achievement, personal submission and letter of recommendation.



Application needs to include a 500-word essay on what “Quality of Life” means to you, or how you define leadership or What is community spirit.


Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops Achievement Award - $1,000 x 4

Children of co-operative members of gas utilities within the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops, as well as children or landowners who are serviced by gas member towns, villages, counties, or bands.


Joanne Lussier-Ring Post-Secondary Education Scholarship - $500 CLOSES July 31, 2022

The Lakeland Centre for FASD recognizes your significant achievement: graduating from High School and wanting to attend a post-secondary program. Successful Applicants will receive $500, to be applied to tuition, books or supply costs of the Trade, Community College, or University program.


Government Aid

Several other Scholarships, Awards, Bursaries and Grants can be found on the Alberta Student Aid page.   There are categories for academics, athletics, leadership, indigenous, language and technology.


Student Lines of Credit

Find you need a little extra help to get you where you need to go?  Book an appointment with one of our Financial Advisors today to discover how we can help you focus on success while you’re learning for the future. 

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