Welcome Points
Get a head start on reward points by signing up for our VISA card and receive up to 15,000 Welcome Points! Redeem points for gift cards, travel or cash reward on statement credit. 

Steps to get your Welcome Points

1. Apply for a credit card with the welcome points offer before December 31, 2023.  

2. Cardholders will be awarded with welcome points after their new eligible credit card has been activated.

3. Enjoy your new credit card and start earning more reward points! 

Eligible cards for this offer:

5,000 Welcome Points = $50 Cash Equitant
15,000 Welcome Points = $150 Cash Equitant
15,000 Welcome Points = $150 Cash Equitant

5,000 Welcome Points = $50 Cash Equitant
15,000 Welcome Points = $150 Cash Equitant

Our credit cards offer features and benefits that suit your needs and lifestyle. No matter which card you choose, you can count on:

  • Purchase protection
  • Double the manufacturer warranty (up to one year)
  • Mobile device insurance
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay®

We also offer tools to help you pay and manage your account online, set up recurring payments for subscriptions, and see your spending at a glance to make budgeting easier.

Learn more by reading the full Terms and Conditions

Got questions?

Just reach out to us by phone or visit us in-branch, and we’ll be happy to help you!

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